Monday, 2 November 2015

Darkness on Fire (Paladins of Darkness 9) by Alexis Morgan


When Kalith geologist Jora b'Larth notices strange seismic activity occurring around the underground energy barrier in Yellowstone National Park, she realizes someone otherworldly has been siphoning off energy. Keeping her identity under wraps, she reaches out to the enemy Paladins for help. When Paladin Penn Sebastian shows up, ready to investigate her allegations, Jora is unexpectedly attracted by his handsome face and intense blue eyes. And as they work together to solve the rift between their two worlds, something surprising happens: the two sworn enemies begin to fall in love.

Great read with an action plot.  What happens when what had defined you is suddenly gone? What happens when the warrior can no longer be a warrior?  Penn was injured in an earlier book and has not made a full recovery.  He is still shattered at not fighting with his fellow Paladins.  But when Devlin gets a mysterious call for help in Yellowstone, he asks Penn to go and meet with the unknown caller. 

The caller turns out to be a female Kalith geologist whose parents bought their way into this world when she was an infant. She has very bad news - activities from people on the Kalith side of the Barrier seem to be creating an imbalance which would trigger an explosion of the Yellowstone super volcano [definitely the end of life as we know it].  The story consists of them researching the problems, ducking bad guys, fighting bad guys, and getting over their prejudices. 

Larem and Baraq, Kalithan friends from Seattle who have their own books, have cameos. Their friendship has prepared Penn to accept his heroine.  Jora, on the other hand, was raised by her Kalithan parents on stories of the Paladin boogeymen...

This was supposed to be the last of the Paladin books but joyfully the author has just released a novella, Darkness Torn Asunder, which continues the series. I’m hoping for more…

The Paladins
1.     Dark Protector
2.     Dark Defender
3.     In Darkness Reborn
4.     Redeemed in Darkness
5.     Darkness Unknown
6.     Defeat the Darkness
7.     Bound by Darkness
8.     The Darkness Beyond
9.     Darkness on Fire
9.5 Darkness Torn Asunder

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