Thursday, 5 March 2015

NEW RELEASE & REVIEW! Filthy Desire by Sebastian Ex

Title: Filthy Desire
Author: Sebastian Ex
 Release Date: March 4, 2015


My name is Matthew Weston. Don't call me anything else, because I won't respond. And if you think you can get away with whimpering ‘Matt’ while I have you tied to the bed, about to devour you, it'll end up being your loss.

Men like me don't talk about feelings. We just don't.

What men like me do is pound. I pound the asphalt with my running shoes on morning runs. I pound a punching bag in the gym until my knuckles bleed. And when I need a release, I find a beautiful woman sprawled out on her bed, eagerly waiting for my cock, and pound her into oblivion. Yeah, that's me. I don't have feelings, and I don't do love.

At least I didn't, until the night Ella walked into my office looking like a disgusting junky to interview for a position for The Onyx Club.

She was like no one I'd ever met before. She was timid, reserved, and quite plain with her mousy brown hair and dirty clothes. Ella also had a dark and haunted gleam in her eye. A secret, a past she was desperate to conceal. 

And when she called me ‘Matt’ it didn't seem to bother me.

She came into my life and turned it upside down. The only question is, can I screw her out of my system, or will my filthy desire for her keep her by my side?

I have read some really great books lately and this debut by Sebastian Ex is another. Once I started reading, I couldn’t stop, and I’m thanking the PTB that it was short enough to polish off in a night and not get to bed at 3am again!
Matthew (don’t call me Matt) Weston owns a burlesque club with best friend, Brandon. Ella comes for a job interview, her appearance ratty and unkempt, but somehow capturing the attention of this domineering man. He does have a policy in place to not sleep with his employees… It may take a while, but, you guessed it, he breaks his own rules.
Ella has a horrid past. Absolutely f**kin’ horrid. Kicked out of the foster care system at eighteen, she was taken in (yes, both meanings, folks) by an arsehole who truly deserves to have his nuts lopped off. I’m not holding back; the mere mention of the character who only ever makes an appearance through Ella’s explanations makes me want to backhand him. With a brick. To the head. She has walls built around her that Matt (yes, she defies him at every turn there and refuses to call him Matthew!! Spitfire!) is gradually breaking down as he declares her as his, and his alone. He’s determined not to let her go or for harm to come to her.
I really, really enjoyed this first novel from Sebastian Ex and look forward to what he comes up with next. It was well written, with great characters to watch grow throughout the course of the story. It was lovely and clean (and by clean, I mean editing. It was lovely and dirty in other parts!), and was a smooth and easily read to power through. 3 hours it took, and that was with an indulgence of pie and ice cream…

I know I’m a 5 star whore, but I truly enjoyed the read. There was nothing about it I didn’t like (apart from arsehole f**ksticks like deserves-a-brick-to-the-face guy). Indulge yourself today in some Filthy Desires. xxx

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Author Bio

Sebastian Ex is a native of Sydney, Australia, having grown up in a tight-knit family mostly surrounded by women. From a young age he had a passion for all things green and outdoors, when he hit mid-teenage years he did an apprenticeship as a landscape gardener. 

A serial lover of women, Sebastian was encouraged to pen his words when a lady friend of his compared some paragraphs from contemporary erotic novelists to his scorching, hot sexts. Now, Sebastian is about to release his debut novel in a bid to transition from landscaping to writing full-time.

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