Thursday, 29 May 2014

Lying with Scorpions (Memory of Scorpions #2) by Aleksandr Voinov


Well written, tightly plotted and filled with action and excitement.  The characters are strongly delineated and each player has his own ‘voice’. The action has a gritty honesty; whether that action is physical, emotional or political.

Honestly? It kept me turning the pages but I probably won’t reread it. I’m not a big fan of political intrigues and I found the shift [especially in Adrastes] from warrior to politician appropriate but not enjoyable.  But that’s me. The bestseller lists are peppered with political thrillers so I’m obviously in the minority.

This may be considered a bit of spoiler so be warned:
The book has essentially a cliff hanger ending. Truths are unclear, loyalties are in flux, and the future balances on the edge of a knife. Needless to say there’s another book coming…

Memory of Scorpions series
#1 Scorpion
#2 Lying with Scorpions 
#3 A Taste for Poison [author’s website shows a release date in fall of 2014]

Copy received from Netgalley and publisher for an honest review.

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