Friday, 21 October 2016

The Lion's Prey (Chimera Chronicles #4) by Karin Shah


Amazon Synopsis:
On the run . . .

Attempting to flee from a bank robbery he was blackmailed into, Chimera-shifter and former Army Ranger Tyler Gunn is a desperate man. Reeling from what he believes is the death of his twin, he knows he can’t control his lion if he’s arrested and he fears killing innocent people. His only hope is to get somewhere far away, where he can safely surrender to the feral side that has gnawed away at his humanity and is now a whisker away from locking him in his lion, forever.

Reporter Zara Coventry is having a bad day. Her feet hurt, her mom is pressuring her to move back to California, her co-worker has snaked a story out from under her, and worst of all, she hasn’t had a date in so long, the mere picture of one of the escaped twins from the bank gets her all hot and bothered. What the hell is that all about? Then a tall stranger shields her from an explosion and things go completely downhill.

When Zara recognizes Ty, he has no choice. He must take her hostage. Too many lives are at stake. The plan is to release her as soon as it’s safe, but his lion is revealed and despite her fear, Zara smells the story of a lifetime. Their fates are not their own, however. A major snowstorm strands them in a tiny conservative village in the Ozarks and they are forced to pretend to be husband and wife.

Trapped together, Zara has to remind herself pretty much every time she looks at him that the sexy shapeshifter is a criminal. And though Ty knows she’s his mate, he believes he's too unstable to give in to the burning desire he feels when she’s near.

But forbidden longing and the FBI are not the only threats. The cartel has lost an airplane in the storm and they’ll do anything to get their product back. Even kill.

My Review:
Page turning. I use that phrase a lot when talking about Karin Shah’s books. The action is non-stop and really raises your heartbeat in a few spots. But Shah’s characters are real, at least in an emotional sense, not just cardboard cutout deliverers of mayhem. You care about them. All of this is why Karin Shah is on my ‘must buy’ list…

This book is a direct sequel of Lion’s Share, book three in this series. [If you haven’t read it yet, I really recommend reading it first.] In Lion’s Share the brothers split up in the last chapter and are supposed to meet at the heroine’s home. It doesn’t happen. In Lion’s Prey we find out why, and what happened then…

You’ve got to love the Gunn brothers, they sure know how to show a girl a good time. Con, the hero of book three, meets his mate when he takes her hostage during a bank robbery – and she just happens to be an FBI agent no less. Ty, the hero of this book kidnaps the reporter covering the bank robbery/hostage situation – and she turns out to be HIS mate.

The storyline covers their escape including blizzard conditions, an ‘armed and extremely dangerous’ dragnet, drug dealers, magic users, and of course tons of soul searching while the hero and heroine find their way to each other.

I really like the whole chimera concept. I mean they’re capable of shapeshifting into a lion or shapeshifting into a dragon – how could you not love that? Wrap this all in an extremely hot alpha male with protective instincts and oh my! No make that triple ‘oh mys!’…

The Chimera Chronicles series
In Like a Lion
Entity Mine
The Lion's Share
The Lion's Prey
There’s a teaser for the next book, The Dragon’s Flame, at the end and it sounds great as well.

An ARC of this book was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.

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