Saturday, 15 October 2016

DOUBLE COVER REVEAL!! Encumbered and Enslaved by Aria Peyton

Author: Aria Peyton
Title: Encumbered
Series: Coal Creek Shifters, Book Two
Title: Enslaved
Series: Coal Creek Shifters, Book Two ½
Genre: Paranormal Erotic Romance
Cover Design: Midnight Rainbow Designs
Double Release Date: December 15th, 2016


Death. Solitude. Grief.
And one bright star in all that darkness.

When he discovers his guiding light is related to the person responsible for two of the deaths, will Nate welcome her with open arms? Or turn her away from the stain now marring his family’s name?
What happens to Kristy when the darkness bleeds over, forever tainting the life they could have shared?
Will he stick around, or cut and run?


Tiffany knows Santa is real. After all, she caught her mother with him ten years ago. What Tiffany doesn’t realise, is that the shifters she reads about are real, too, and there’s one on her roof.
Robert was kidnapped as a child and forced to live a life of slavery until one night he meets his mate. She frees him from the spell he’s under and he escapes the clutches of the one who stole him.
They think they’re getting their HEA, only now Tiffany finds herself wielding incredible amounts of unmanageable magic, and there’s only one person who can help her.
Robert’s captor. 

A tantalising aroma roused her, the waft of scent carried in on a breeze that teased her bare skin. Night had fallen and stars greeted her as she opened her eyes. She yawned and stretched, feeling the pop and click of joints and muscles re-taking their place in her chair-stiff body. As she flexed her neck from side to side, she raised her arms high above her head, clasping her hands together. Kristy’s spine crackled satisfyingly as she arched backwards, inhaling deep and exhaling through the stretch.
A lingering taste tickled her tongue making her inner panther growl with longing. Acting on instinct, long supressed impulses flared to life. With her nose held high in the breeze and her mouth slightly open to catch flavours, Kristy stripped off her clothes without thought, kicking her shoes toward the camper.
Her shift overcame her quickly, the cat within her desperate to come out. Kris followed her enhanced predatory nose and chased the incoming breeze.

Through the trees she bounded, large paws thrumming a beat in the undergrowth. Her whiskers twitched, her senses on overload. Small animals fled from her path, but it wasn’t them that had her attention.
The scent grew stronger as she ran and her senses reeled. It would be most un-feline of her to let her tongue loll from her mouth to catch the olfactory delight that saturated the air; so she did it anyway and was greatly rewarded.
Kristy’s mouth tingled in delight as she followed the scent trace. Not only had it stirred a primal response from her animal, it had also kick-started her arousal. She didn’t need to have a cock to lose blood from her brain; girls had bits that required increased flow too.

I've been a covert operative in a foreign country, jumped out of helicopters for fun, and bungee jumped over the side of a Styrofoam factory into a vat of beans made for beanbags.
I can also leap Lego towers in a single bound, pack school lunches like a boss, and burn myself on any hot surface.
My multiskilling is out of this world and I successfully masquerade as an average parent 24/7.
Do not be fooled by my mediocrity. To do so is at your own peril.
Also, don’t believe everything you read!

All frivolity aside, I'm a stay-at-home mum to three gorgeous girls. We live in country Victoria where the birds are abundant, the wildlife hops down the main street in town, and the cats catch rabbits for tea. I'm a little crazy, but I think all authors are! The voices make me write wicked and naughty things, but I have so much fun letting them out to play, I don't try to reel them back in.

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