Saturday, 25 April 2015

REVIEW!! The Wolf, The Witch And The Wastelands by Jacqueline Sweet

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The Wolf, The Witch And The Wastelands – Jacqueline Sweet

A wolf, the witch and the wastelands is set in a futuristic America that has been ripped apart by bands of shifters at war with each other. All that stands between the evil trying to dominant the wastelands and the people just trying to survive is one girl Lucia Brightwolf. When a message meant for Prince Joaquín falls into her hands Lucia finally has the chance to escape from her uncle’s estate.

The three main characters Lucia who had an upbringing from a tyrannical bully of an uncle. She shows tremendous strength and empathy towards others. Thrust into a situation either by fate or by accident she takes on the role of alpha like a duck to water. I found Lucia showed a skill and courage to do what needed to be done and own up to what she was and what she was going to have to be come.

Avar Farid a pirate who is coerced into doing something that he doesn't want to do. Farid was an unexpected surprise for me as he showed integrity, kindness, and dignity that I found very endearing. He showed a loyalty and a friendship that I didn't expect in a pirate.

Prince Joaquín showed tremendous courage and strength to do what he had to do. Save his people and the people that are not his people but they needed saving anyway. To help Lucia bring an end to the great evil that is treating the wasteland to keep everyone save.

A shifter story unlike any I have read before a very good read. The wolf, the witch and the wastelands has everything a good read needs hot sexy makes, a female alpha. The Wolf, the Witch and the Wastelands are 173 pages of page turning drama, integrity and lust. I can't wait for the next in the series to see what our hero’s get up to and the adventures that await them. 

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