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REVIEW - Bad Kitty (Southern Shifters #4) by Eliza Gayle


If you think you've lost everything. Think again.

Kitty lost her father, her home and her clan. Clinging to what's left of her pride, she's forced into the neutral zone, the supposed safe haven for half-breeds and outcasts. An attack forces her to the wrong side of the treaty line and into an even more dangerous situation. Determined to greet death with the last of her dignity, she is suddenly rescued by a tall, gorgeous...wolf???

As the next alpha leader of his pack, Rafe Comyn has more than enough to handle with pack politics and precarious treaties. The last thing he needs is a pissed off feline landing in his lap, especially when her scent triggers his overwhelming drive to mate. While the daughter of a former rival is quite a conquest, she's both forbidden and dangerous.

But as the heat of desire threatens to consume them, their differences escalate and Rafe must keep his own pack from killing the one woman he can't live without.


Turning the villain of one book into a believable heroine of another book is a tough sell. That’s the basis of this book – taking Kitty from being ‘bad’ in the previous books [she’s a supporting character in both Kane and Malcolm] to being a better person with a new place in the world. The author does it well, tearing her down [and tearing her up, literally, in the opening scene where she is attacked by four female shifters and almost killed] and pretty much letting her discover her inner strength and character.

Of course she’s not alone on her journey of self-discovery, there’s the requisite hunky hero. Rafe is the future alpha of the wolf pack whose territory she has invaded in her escape from her attackers. She violated the pack/pride treaties by entering their territory, there are three low-life thugs bent on rape complete with antiquated pack laws allowing it, and since she is a feline shifter there are major political ramifications to them being together – and Rafe doesn’t care. She’s his mate and he’s keeping her.

A good read, there were a lot of good action scenes although some of them are very violent. These are not warm and fuzzy people but are very capable of enforcing their perceptions of natural law on a very personal level and bigotry is alive and well in these shifter societies.

I look forward to more in this series, if only to see where the politics of their union takes them. It reads well as a standalone so starting with the first of the Black Cougar series is not necessary, although they are good reads.

Southern Shifters:
Lucas #1
Kane #2
Malcolm #3
Bad Kitty #4

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