Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Spin (Songs of Corruption #1) by C.D. Reiss

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Mafia capo, Antonio Spinelli blew through my orderly life like a cyclone.

Gorgeous and passionate, with a breathtaking brutality, he put me under his spell the moment he touched me, drawing me into his underworld of risk, violence and betrayal.

And I found, just as this sophisticated savage didn’t trust me, I didn’t trust myself. Something happened to me. Some alchemy from the heat between us.

I discovered I was a savage, too.

I'm a sucker for not reading the synopsis first! I may read the synopses when I'm posting the new releases and cover reveals here on the blog if I have a chance, but rarely do I remember them. 
This is yet another book I went into blind. Deliciously blind! It's like Christmas each time I open a book :)

Spin is a fantastic read. i haven't read any of C.D. Reiss' other work before but I've gone and added all her previous books to my Amazon wish list. I'd also happily read Spin again, and with my massively long TBR I own, that's really something.

Straight laced Theresa, whose family has big money works in the film industry and meets oh-so-hunky Antonio 'Spin' Spinelli. 
He doesn't want to bring her into his world, but not because he doesn't like her. As an uber-protective Alpha male, he tries to protect her from his world, namely by breaking her heart, which she had no intention of opening to him. But ... life and love happen and Theresa falls for him, and he for her. Shit hits the fans in a big way and we get an insight into the Mafia and Spin's life. I'm not one to give away the whole story, so I'll just tell you that you have to read this book! It's fabulous!

Some of Theresa's past is left hanging a bit and not cleared up or embellished upon, and I'm still curious about that part of her childhood which is very briefly mentioned in passing and not gone back to. Although it seems there are two more books to come, this book can easily be read as a standalone, with only that teaser into an event in her childhood as the only thing I'd pick as being unresolved.

I've read that there'll be a book from Spin's POV, which I'd love to read! I'd love to get into his head and hear his thoughts on what's going on with him and Theresa. In the mean time, while waiting for the next books in the Songs of Corruption series, Kick will be released in the next few weeks, which features one of Theresa's sisters. Around about now, if I had the time, I'd be reading all of C.D. Reiss' other books while waiting for the next Songs of Corruption novel

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