Tuesday, 4 August 2015

REVIEW!!! Cougars Pawn (Desert Guards#1) By Holley Trent

The Cougar's Pawn (Desert Guards, #1)



COUGAR’S PAWN (Desert Guards #1) by HOLLY TRENT
This was a good read a different take on how to get your mate which made for an interesting story. I found some of the words were a bit out of place in the storyline to me this was disruptive as I had to stop frequently and look up the meaning. This was pulling me out of the story and was disruptive to the flow of the story. Some of the words I couldn’t find meaning for.
Other than that I found the cougar shifters to be an interesting read a different way to interpret the world of shifters and how the different animal groups do things differently. The cougars kidnap woman to make them their mates. Even though it is an outdated practice our hero Nick and his two brothers do to Ellery and her friends that are out camping. They only have two weeks to convince our young ladies that they want to stay with them until there goddess does something nasty to them. The cougars also having a hellmouth on their property that they had to protect the world from the escaping demons. This was add action to the story.
I found this generally a good love story with a few twist and turns along the way. Let’s hope our cougars get the happy every after they are hoping for. This is my honest review having received the ARC.

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